A long time ago, sex existed just for producing new offspring. Later, in the 60th year of the last century, this question was observed from the male point of view. Only male orgasm mattered. But, fortunately, dogs’ days are over.

Now, we are closing to ultimately another intimate approach. All participants in the process should enjoy it. It discovered a new horizon.  But, simultaneously, it created a lot of questions.

 It turns out to be, that the topic of female enjoyment was taboo for a long time. In Medieval people believed that women’s orgasms can open the gateway to Hell. Some time ago, the concept of the female orgasm was considered to be phallocentric. Also, it used to be claimed as something additional. Nobody used to care.

But now, when this question is eliminated, a lot of women who gained orgasm without penetration hesitated. Their perception of this notion changed. So, if the vaginal orgasm is not the only one… What are the other kinds? Let’s clarify

What kinds of female orgasms exist?

Briefly, the vast majority of women require clitoral stimulation—either alone or in combination with penetration—in order to have an orgasmic experience with a partner. And less than 1% of women just enjoy vaginal penetration while they are alone, according to Shere Hite’s research.

But also, if we are frank, this question is not explored enough. Also, there are different flows of sexology. For example, Emili Nagoski in her books about female pleasure described the concept of sexual non-concordance. That means that there are no magic pills to find a united orgasm for all women. Also, scientists claimed that women, unlike men do not have a biological mechanism that definitely causes orgasm. In male bodies such mechanism is ejaculation. Also, the most mysterious question is squirt.

What does squirt really mean?

Female ejaculation is called squirt, and its volume is considerably more noticeable than that of natural lubrication. It occurs either right away during an orgasm or a little later. The color of the fluid ranges from translucent to white. The amount of fluid squirted might be very little (a few drops, 0.05 ml) or quite large ( 130-150 ml, half of the mug)

Try lube

Lubricant is more than simply a tool to aid in penetration, according to nature. Additionally, it makes clitoris stimulation considerably safer and more enjoyable by avoiding injuries from sudden motions. Your climax can be raised by using common water-based lubrication. Try a liquid vibrator if you appreciate hot and spicy sensations. Additionally, it is advantageous if your sensitivity is a little tamed because all emotions will be multiplied. These lubricants may have warming, cooling, or even tangling properties. Your chances of ejaculating will increase.

Take extra water

Drink more to make more, according to logic. If you enjoy drinking coffee or tea, consider switching to water for a few days. more so in the summer. Despite the benefits to your body and sexual health,

Stimulate clitoris 

While tastes vary, certain things are universal. However, clitoral orgasm is the only type of female orgasm that has been scientifically established. At the very least, you will undoubtedly experience an orgasm even if you are unable to discharge.


Your sense of self-worth is what actually counts most. It shouldn’t be based on how well you can squirt. Depending on your sexual preferences, using enough of natural lubrication is OK. Only when you have no natural lubricant at all does it seem to be a warning sign. It can disrupt your microbiota and make sex painful.

Even if you are completely unable to squirt but are otherwise pain-free and capable of experiencing orgasm, congrats! Your sex is awesome and your body is in excellent shape! Take none of our advice too seriously. Consider it a fresh experience and a bodily exploration. Your sexual well-being will undoubtedly improve with some advice.