Moving to a new office and shifting the old office represents a major change for anyone who has to experience it. 

Planning every moment of the move can be the winning choice to free yourself from unnecessary stress and face the situation with the right calm.

Furthermore, to better organize the office transfer, it is important to take into consideration various aspects and factors, not only practical ones but also bureaucratic aspects and logistical operations that a move involves.

The phases of the move

The move in itself represents a significant moment, especially from an emotional point of view: a change in progress, a new project that is about to start, and it is in this phase that future desires and plans materialize. 

This process of change consequently assumes considerable importance, and to face it in the best possible way, it is always advisable to organize everything in detail with the right Packers and Movers in Marathahalli for office shifting.

The main phases of a move can be summarized as follows:

Purchase of packaging material: before starting to put everything in the boxes, it is good to have adhesive tape, boxes, bubble wrap to pack delicate items, markers, and vacuum bags to hand to reduce the clutter of clothes.

Preparation of the boxes: this is the longest phase of the whole move, but you can also ask for help from friends and relatives and make this a pleasant moment to spend in company.

Transport of boxes and furniture: this is the most delicate step of the move, but relying on a company of professionals there will be no problem.

Furniture disposal: this is the last phase; this service is sometimes carried out by the same company that takes care of the move and is counted in the estimate. 

Also included are the bureaucratic documents, which are always the responsibility of the mover.

Often when you decide to rely on an expert and authorized mover, the removal and clearing of furniture is concluded with the general cleaning of the old environment, now destined for the sale or rental of another office unit.

The same sanitation is also carried out at the end of the work in the new office, but always on the basis of the estimate and the type of contract stipulated with the mover.

The requirements of the right packers and movers for office shifting

As anticipated at the beginning of the blog, it is good to find the right company that has the right prices but based on what is better, choose a moving company rather than another.

In addition, the company must have certain requirements:

  • experienced and certified staff;
  • possess all the vehicles necessary to cope with all logistical situations;
  • carry out a quick and safe transport;
  • offer quality and competent service;
  • preventive assessment of the office building status;
  • it must have competitive prices;
  • Offering an evacuation and cleaning service is not a must, but it is certainly an advantage.

Finding a mover with all these characteristics means finding the right one, which will allow you to shift the entire office peacefully without worrying about anything other than how to fix everything in your new office.