Vienna is not just a city; it is an admiring portrait of art, landscapes, culture, and cuisines. It is a gateway between West and East Europe for centuries. Visitors appreciate its splendid and marvelous sceneries, with a delicate touch of luring charm. Located along the banks of the Danube River, Vienna is considered one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world. Well! That’s expected. This capital city of Austria welcomes its visitors with open arms and world-known marvels.

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Schönbrunn Palace and Gardens

As long as you land in Vienna, the first thing you wish to visit is the splendorous Schönbrunn Palace. A spectacular palace constructed in the 18th century is Austria’s most frequently visited tourist attraction.

Get a golden opportunity to see the Imperial Apartments, including Emperor Franz Joseph’s Walnut Room and his Bedroom, where he died. Also, admire the beauty of the glamorous baroque-style structure with appealing gardens and parks.

Vienna Zoo

Every visitor to Vienna always wishes to see Vienna Zoo. Even kids find various shocking wildlife species kept in this area. The zoo is home to more than 750 species, including giant pandas, and many other fascinating creatures.

The zoo gives a fun-filled wildlife watch experience. Ask out your family to get some days out of the country and visit Vienna. You can book tickets with any issue from the Brussels Airlines flight booking website and have a pleasant journey.

The Hofburg

Vienna is the city of dreams. With its glowing and rich history, it has made itself a destination to be admired by everyone. One such spot is, The Hofburg. The palace was the official mansion of the rulers of Austria-the Habsburgs. For more than six centuries, it has seen amazing architectural constructions, from the Gothic and Renaissance, Baroque to Rococo movements.

Main attractions include the Imperial Apartments, the Silver Collection, the Sisi Museum, and some notable sites like the Imperial Chapel and the Hofburg Treasury with a large collection of Imperial regalia and relics of the Roman Empire.

Danube Tower

Planning a trip to the tallest structure in Austria, the Danube Tower or the Donauturm lets you experience some spectacular views over the Danube River. Capturing moments over this 252-meter-tall tower is among the must-do activities in Vienna. It was opened to great fanfare in 1964 but continues to attract visitors till date.

Take a speedy elevator ride to the observation deck at 150 meters and watch many of the most splendid attractions of Vienna. Don’t forget to enjoy world-class dining experiences from the tower.

Stephen’s Cathedral

Want to get a wonderful shot of the old city of Vienna? Well, you have to climb 343 stairs of the outstanding St. Stephen’s Cathedral. The cathedral, also known by the name Stephansdome, is one of the most visited sites in Austria. With splendid interiors, a rich past, and amazing construction, the St. Stephen’s Cathedral is worth visiting.

Climb 343 steps to the Steffl’s watch room for the spectacular views, and the home to massive Pummerin Bell, the North Tower. These sites will fascinate you up. Are you ready too? Then book tickets for your journey through the Brussels Airlines booking portal.

Belvedere Palace

Austria was once the capital of valiant kingship. It has a brilliant history which was always cherished by the people of the country and nearby locations. The standing monuments are some of its examples. One such marvel is Belvedere Palace.

Stroll over its Ground Floor Hall with outstanding statues, and the Ceremonial Staircase with its rich relics and panoramas. Also, its brilliant Marble Hall, showcasing numerous period sculptures and paintings, with ceiling frescoes. What is the wait then? Pack your bags guys!!!

Vienna State Opera                                         

How about having a soothing relaxation in the city of Vienna with a sweet dose of Opera Music? Yes! We are talking about Vienna State Opera, a one-stop complete destination to chill and relax. Come here to get a memorable experience of art performances by more than 60 different operas and ballets every season.

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