Network Security

With the shift toward virtual lives and workspaces, it has become the need of the hour to ensure the user’s privacy since confidential pieces of information are being shared, which when misused could create havoc.

The number of cyber crimes is increasing rapidly, which further has created a sense of fear among users. Regarding network security, it is protecting your device against the mal virus that enters when you connect your device to any other network.

Major threats here occur when your device connects to the public servers, so it is better to take necessary precautions in advance so that your data is protected at all costs. With the invention of digital banking, this has become a necessary precaution to take.

The newspaper is filled with articles related to cybercrime from sudden withdrawal from the accounts or creation of fake identities using your documents and then committing a crime. This makes knowing about network security and taking the desired precautions a need for today’s life.

Network security

In layman’s language network security means protecting your computer’s data from unauthorized access be it via software tools like viruses, or via hardware means, installation of Pendrive, and secret copying of your data.

The reason why network security becomes so important in a common man’s life is some cases have been reported where using the documents of a person the fake personality of the same document is made from which crimes were being committed, which when investigated lead to the user in prison, on further investigation it was found out that his documents were misused and the criminal disguised himself as the user( who’s documents have been stolen).

One should know who is accessing the data of your devices, that makes him aware of the possible threats- says Security services London.

Types of network security

Let’s discuss the ways in which unauthorized access to your device can be restricted while accessing the internet, there is a maximum chance of your data being stolen, to resolve this unauthorized access the firewall can be used it creates a barrier between the networks you trust and the ones you don’t, the trusted ones are the only ones which can access your data that too when you physically click on the allow button, a similar case can been seen in the google drive where the person asks for permission to access your device says the security services London.

Some others could be anti-virus, email security, anti-malware, network segmentation, access control, application security, behavioural analytics, etc.

The data one keeps in his device is very important, today we share identity documents via online methods, but we never thought once is it safe or how could I ensure our safety, This data is your personal data and who have an access to it is totally and completely up to you, so make sure to restrict the unauthorized access.

We often lock our Facebook profiles, and see the end-to-end encryption message on our WhatsApp chats. These are the measures that ensure that our data is only accessed by the person to whom we are sending out too.