If you are going to a dermatologist for the first time says Cheyanne Mallas’ aging and health guide and you think that you are going to meet a dermatologist directly then you are thinking wrong says Cheyanne Mallas because first you have to go through a physician assistant before assigning to a dermatologist physician assistant is also a healthcare worker that works for a dermatologist and they are expert in diagnosing and evaluating your results based on test and different things they also do a lot of things for you then you are going to go to a dermatologist for further major surgeries.

One of the things a physician assistant does for you is diagnose your condition

One of the things Official Instant does for you is they will diagnose your condition based on the test they are going to conduct for you also they are going to ask for your history in the condition you are having right now if you’re suffering from eczema or psoriasis says Cheyanne Mallas you need to give such history that involves the medication you have been using in the past also you need to give them all the test results from the previous dermatologist so they can evaluate on that basis what condition progress has been going on.

Another thing physician assistants do for you is take your medical screening exam

Physician assistants are authorized to take a medical screening exam and they can also give a slight treatment to your condition as well they are also authorized to give you minor surgeries because they have 1000 hours of clinical experience in the degree says Cheyanne Mallas after completing their biology bachelors they have conducted experience in healthcare system so they are authorized to take a medical screening exam and they know how to operate such machines so you must give your screening exam to them as they will be able to determine what type of condition you have.