Art photography is not as easy as it seems. The reason for this difficulty is the subjective aspect of art photography. There is another problem in art photography. Different person provides a different definition for art photography. One who wants to get into art photography must have a specific idea in mind about art because what might seem like art to one, may not mean anything to another person. So, one must have a clear image of art in one’s mind before getting started on this path.

Bruce Weber Speaks About Art Photography

Bruce Weber is a famous art photographer. Bruce started his career in art photography. For this reason, Bruce knows a lot about art photography. He says that the key element one needs in art photography is vision. At times art photography differs from what people know as reality. For this reason, grasping the real meaning of art photography can become a little difficult. However, one can take realistic shots in this genre as well. The only requirement in art photography is the willingness to learn and improve.

Body Work 

If one study art photography, one will find that bodywork gets a special place here. Bodywork is a collection of different types of shots with some type of interconnection. The shots can be the same type or different types which don’t have any apparent connection to one another. In this type of photography, one image does not work. A photographer needs to create a collage of images to get the message out. The onus remains on the beholders to find meaning from the collage of photos the photographers put together.

Follow the Work Of Others

Bruce says that initially when people are looking for their photography style, they need to follow the footsteps of the photographers who have created a name in art photography. By following the footsteps of a skilled photographer one will be able to find one’s unique style.

Don’t Restrict Creativity

Restricting creativity is one of the problems which people face in art photography. They think that fine art photos should be black and white. However, this is not true because art photography can use color for a unique effect. Professional photographers use both black and white and color photography to make their photographs stand out. However, one needs to use a clear composition to make fine art photography look professional.

Artistic Touch

Every art photo must reflect some artistic touch. Without this, art photography will not be able to attract people. For this reason, every aspiring photographer who wants to get into art photography needs to find a unique artistic touch when taking art photographs. So, having a special artistic statement helps in transforming a photograph. Bruce says that one should not get overwhelmed by the need to be artistic. One must follow a simple artistic touch that possesses the power to add the desired artistic touch to photographs.

As per Bruce Weber, when taking art photos one must not forget the shutter speed. Professional photographers use shutter speed to take unique art photos. So, one needs to practice when working on artistic photography.