Under the Patronage & Presence of His Highness Sheikh Maktoum Bin Saeed Al Maktoum Dubai witnessed a wonderful legend,

A thousand nights & night was written with the most beautiful harmony of love and creativity together for the world of luxury jewelry and rare antiques,

between the largest name in the world of precious gemstones

NOVI GALLERIES ” owned by Mr. “Iman Saman” and the most amazing jewelry designer

For these rarities of enormous diamonds, pure topaz, rare sapphires, dazzling and rich aquamarines, Mrs. “Sarvé Norouzi”, the unique brand in the world of fine art jewelry and the owner of the high-end brand Sarvé Jewelry.

The legendary Royal Show, which organized with great perfection by the international M.M.M group,

which has creative fingerprints and long-standing experience in the world of organizing

top occasions, was honored by the presence of her highness Sheikha Jawaher bint Khalifa Al Khalifa,

who expressed her great admiration for all the details of this magnificent event, which rises to the international ranks,

expressing her satisfaction with the royal show and the beauty and spaciousness of the reception Warmth and sophistication in presenting the best means of dazzling and mastery,

emphasizing that these unique jewelry and the accuracy of their mastery are unparalleled.

As usual, he dazzled the audience & the presences with his amazing presentation in various languages,

the brilliant Presenter “Wassim Mandil”, accompanied by the famous belle and activist on social media, the beautiful star “Taraneh Zamani”,

who played a harmonious and distinguished role in harmony in managing the successful press conference and presenting the ceremony of the royal show in the best way ever.

the Chairman of NOVI GALLERIES, Mr. “Iman Saman” expressed in his speech that only the best now will be accepted by Dubai and the world,

and that is why all his focus has become on selecting the best and most important precious stones

“rare raw gemstones” from around the world to present them to the elite & to the best jewelry designer to put her elegant amazing touches on her stunning models, and thus make a rare valuable masterpiece

that deserves to be acquired by the gourmet elite in the world of jewelry.

On the other side as for the creative designer of the world of precious jewelry, Mrs. “Sarvé Norouzi”

she emphasized in her speech that she is inspired by women in her designs in particular.

In her view, women are like completely precious diamonds, hard and at the same time eye-catching & breath taking,

especially if there is someone who formulates them carefully, and draws their cuts to make them shine and reflect the beauty of Her brilliance, a woman is rare,

precious and valuable, and her beauty stems from the inside out, just like precious stones, and for this, “I excel in presenting everything that enhances the beauty of women and their rare possessions.”

His Highness Sheikh Maktoum bin Saeed Al Maktoum praised the beauty and mastery of the dazzling work between each of the “NOVI GALLERIES“, presenting 2 trophies,


the First one to Mr. “ Iman Saman “, and the second  an appreciation trophy award for selecting the best to Mrs. Jewelry” Sarvé Norouzi ”  first for its creative designs and creative innovations, and secondly for selecting

Mr. ” Iman Saman – NOVI GALLERIES ” factory for masterpieces stones “ rare raw gemstones ” and antiques to be the main supporter in her creative career amid the cheers of the audience and the audience,which was also distinguished by the presence of the Prime Minister of the Republic of MaliSheikh Mohammed ” and Miss Arab World ” ChorouK Chelouati ” and a large number ofTheir Excellencies and various local, Pan Arab and international press and media and those VIP Guests who interested in the Fine Art jewelry industry.