Essay On Computers And The Internet: Computers and the internet are now a crucial aspect of contemporary life. The way we interact and learn, do business, and receive healthcare have all been revolutionised by technology. We shall examine the background, advantages, drawbacks, and potential future of computers and the internet in this article.

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What function do computers serve in modern life?

A unique place for the computer in modern life. Daily tasks in our lives, such as office job, may all be completed quickly and efficiently with a computer.

In addition to this, students can take computer computer education courses online. This allows students to utilise computers for all of their key tasks, such as creating assignments or particular types of documents that must be submitted to the school. Today, the majority of students use computers for their writing coursework.

workings of the internet:

Physically, the Internet only consumes a small portion of the resources now used by the public telecommunications networks. Technically, the  family of procedures is what distinguishes the Internet from other communication networks. The corporate intranet and extranet, another pair of contemporary Internet-related developments, both utilise the TCP/IP protocol.. The TCP/IP protocol is also used by the intranet and extranet, two more modern Internet-related innovations.

The hardware and network protocols are the two main parts of the Internet. The protocols, like the TCP/IP suite, lay out guidelines that devices must adhere to in order to carry out duties. Machines could not communicate without this set of shared guidelines.

Today Communications:

Since computers have developed into an efficient tool for communication that brings together cousins, family members, and friends and enables hiring processes to be conducted remotely, they are one of the key tools that enable communication between individuals regardless of their location. This is accomplished via linking the computer to the Internet and then utilising specific software and equipment to carry out visual or even audio Internet interactions.

Use With a computer connected to the Internet, you can use several social networking websites like Twitter and Facebook, and others. of different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and others is possible with a computer that is linked to the Internet. These tools enable users to communicate with one another by exchanging images, videos, and other content.

Additionally, phone lines, phone bills, and voice call fidelity are managed by the computer.

Future Computer And Internet Technology

Both fascinating and uncertain, the future of computers and the internet. We may anticipate further advancement and development as technology continues to change. This includes the potential for fresh developments in industries like robots, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence.

The future of technology, however, is also a source of worry. The potential for employment displacement is one issue. There is a chance that many jobs will become mechanised as computers and robots become more sophisticated. This might cause unemployment to rise significantly.


Computers and the internet have greatly improved communication, connectedness across borders, and access to information, transforming modern society in a variety of ways. However, there are also drawbacks to its use, such as security and privacy threats, potential employment displacement, and health issues.

 It will be crucial to identify strategies for reducing these negative consequences and utilising technology responsibly as it continues to advance. Overall, the world has been greatly influenced by computers and the internet, and this influence will continue to alter our future in ways we can not yet conceive.