There is a reason why Vienna is one of Europe’s most beautiful capitals. It is simple to see why Vienna is so popular, with its stunning architecture and amazing museums, as well as its musical history and art scene. There are so many interesting things to do in Vienna that it might be daunting, especially for first-time visitors. You want to make the most of your time and avoid missing anything. This guide will teach you not only the greatest things to do in Vienna, but additionally how to safeguard money and traverse the town.

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  1. Schönbrunn Palace

It’s the most popular activity to do in Vienna. The Schonbrunn Palace (Schloss Schönbrunn) is a large 18th-century Baroque palace and grounds. Highlights include the 40-meter-long Great Gallery and the Hall of Ceremonies. This guided tour allows you speedy entry to the interior of Schonbrunn Palace, as well as skipping the lines for a guided tour of its interior. The tour takes you around the 22 staterooms while teaching you about the past royals’ lives. Following the tour, you are free to explore the gardens at your leisure.

  1. Schönbrunn Palace Gardens

One of the best free things to do in Vienna is to visit the grounds of Schönbrunn Palace. Schönbrunn Park and Gardens is a one-square-kilometer manicured landscape open to the public. The Orangery Garden, Privy Garden, Maze, and Zoo are all part of this UNESCO World Heritage Site, which was established in 1779. If you’re seeking free things to do in Vienna, you don’t have to go inside the palace to enjoy it. There is more cost if you want to walk through the garden maze.

  1. Gloriette Cafe

When I show people around, we always earn our post-tour breakfast by trekking up to the mountaintop Gloriette Café. It is one of Austria’s most well-known coffee shops, serving imperial breakfast and pastries. The spacious interior has seating as well as an outdoor deck. You may order Sacher Torte from here. Sacher torte is a well-known chocolate cake with layers divided into apricot jam. Or we go to Landtmann’s Jausenstation, a beautiful refuge. It opens at 10 a.m. on weekdays and 9.00 a.m. on weekends.

  1. Vienna Zoo

The Vienna Zoo, which is also located on the grounds of Schonbrunn Palace, can be visited. It is the world’s oldest operating zoo, focusing on the conservation of endangered animals. The enormous pandas are the zoo’s most popular attraction. The Vienna Zoo was opened in 1752 by Emperor Franz Stephan I to house his exotic animal collection. Today, the zoo is concerned with species preservation and keeping animals as close to their natural habitat as possible. Many of the original Vienna Zoo buildings are still standing.

  1. The Spanish Riding School

The Spanish Riding School is a renowned tourist attraction in Vienna. The famed Lippizaner horses are in the art of dressage here. The Spanish Riding School was during the Habsburg Monarchy in the late 16th century to perform for the Court. They didn’t open to the public until 1918. Get your tickets to watch The Lipizzans right here. We did it, and it is spectacular to watch the accuracy and talent of these horses and riders in the world’s most gorgeous riding hall.

  1. Hofburg Palace

The former palace of the Hapsburgs, Hofburg Palace is now the official house and office of Austria’s President. It also houses several of Vienna’s top museums and galleries, as well as the Spanish Riding School. Hofburg Palace, located in the centre of Vienna, is one of the world’s largest palace complexes. Walking through the royal grounds gives you a sense of the complex’s vastness and beauty. Make sure to see the amazing semi-circular Neue Burg and see the imperial apartments. This gorgeous example of baroque architecture will impress you. You may schedule this Hofburg Palace tour to learn about Austrian history. You’ll avoid long lines at the entrance, and you can cancel within 24 hours of the activity.

  1. Vienna State Opera House

If there is one thing you should not miss while in Vienna, it is the Vienna State Opera House (Wiener Staatsoper). We missed it and have always regretted it, believe me. It is a work of art. Every year, the Vienna State Opera House offers around 300 performances. If you want to save money while still enjoying a concert and the architecture, buy tickets. It is less expensive, and you may tour the entire facility before the play begins. A great way to experience some culture without spending a lot of money. State Opera in Vienna.

  1. St. Annes Church

No vacation to Vienna would be complete without experiencing live classical music. Fans of classical music will enjoy this Classical Concert at St. Anne’s Church. Enjoy a string quartet performing Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven, and Schubert’s best masterpieces. Step back in time as you listen to professional musicians perform in the magnificent acoustics of St. Anne’s Church.

  1. Belvedere Palace

One thing you’ll notice about Vienna is that there are many palaces, with the Belvedere Palace being particularly stunning. This magnificent baroque castle was in the early 1700s and served as a summer palace (the Winter House was Hofburg Palace). This palace, which consists of two Baroque palaces, the Upper Belvedere, and the Lower Belvedere, is not to be seen if you enjoy art and architecture. The Belvedere Palace opens an hour earlier than other local museums (9.00 a.m.).

  1. Kunsthistorisches Museum

The Kunsthistorisches Museum (Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien) overlooks Maria-Theresien-Platz and exhibits works from ancient Egypt to the late 18th century. In 1891, Emperor Franz Joseph I had the museum established to hold his imperial collection. The Natural History Museum, which is across Maria-Theresien-Platz, opened at the same time.

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