Idaho is the best state for spending most of the day outdoors. This northwestern state, known for its gorgeous scenery and diverse animals, has a plethora of popular tourist destinations for you to visit. And what if you’re bored with the regular Idaho activities? Don’t worry, the Gem State isn’t for nature excursions and hiking trails. Find out what more you can do when you visit. The following is a list of the finest things to do in Idaho.

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  1. Yellowstone National Park

Though Yellowstone National Park’s entrance and jurisdiction are in Wyoming, the Zone of Death within the park is in Idaho. The 50-square-mile section within Yellowstone National Park that has a legal loophole is an intriguing site in Idaho. You can get away with murder when you’re here since it makes it impossible to create a jury for a crime committed inside the site. Because of its distinctiveness, visiting inside the zone is one of the best things to do in Idaho. It’s not every day that you can say you spent time in the Death Zone. There is even a campground nearby.

  1. Nampa

Map Rock is an archaeological site in Canyon County located along the Snake River. Map Rock is notable for its petroglyphs, which are thought to have been engraved by Northern Shoshone before the nineteenth century. Do not stop at Map Rock. There are still hundreds of petroglyphs and pictographs to be in the surrounding area. Take your time exploring the boulder fields.

  1. Ernest Hemingway’s Grave 

Ernest Hemingway, a famous author, was born and died in Idaho. He was laid to rest in the Ketchum Cemetery. Ernest Hemingway was a larger-than-life figure in his own time and in the things he created. Many people are to see his flat, plain (and very modest) grave. Fans of the author (and literature in general) may want to plan a visit to his ultimate resting place. As a memorial to the adored author, many followers keep pennies, flowers, and half-drunk alcohol bottles. You can do the same.

  1. The Black Cliffs 

The Black Cliffs are a wall of volcanic basalt that runs for miles and appears to be majestic black pillars. It can be alongside the Boise River. Climbers and mountaineers can’t get enough of Boise’s lava rocks. When visiting the Gem State, the Black Cliffs is a popular rock-climbing location. It includes natural hand and footholds for your enjoyment. Don’t get too worked up over the cliffs. Enjoy and maximise the riverfront views of the short 10–20-minute climb up to the Black Cliffs to make the entire journey count.

  1. Lionhead Natural Water Slides 

The Lionhead Natural Water Slides near Priest Lake in Coolin can be through the 3.1-mile Lion’s Head Creek out and back trail. Do you wish to spend your day outdoors? The Lion’s Head Creek Trail is an absolute must-see. It is roughly 3-miles long and suitable for hikers of all skill levels. And what’s the payoff for all that walking? You may cool yourself in the river’s natural water slides. If you want to travel faster on the trail, bring your own garbage bag to make the journey more slippery. Remember to carry it with you when you go. Don’t leave your garbage bags or any other trash in the vicinity.

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  1. Tubbs Hill Nature Trails 

Tubbs Hill is a 2-mile circle trail in Coeur D’Alene’s downtown. Want to take a little walk while you’re in this lovely town? Tubbs Hill Nature Trail is a short and simple walk that will keep you delighted. It features stunning vistas that will keep you entertained while hiking, running, or fishing. Bring a camera with you on your vacation. The breathtaking vistas are worth the short, moderate hike. You get to take the scenes you like home with you when you photograph them.

  1. Museum of Clean 

The Museum of Clean is a contemporary museum that contains all you need to know about cleaning. It was in 2006. Who would have thought the history of cleaning could be so fascinating? View the wide array of cleaning tools at the Museum of Clean. You’ll be able to view pre-electric vacuums and even military helmets (which were allegedly used to keep soldiers clean). Want to make teaching young children the value of hygiene fun? The museum can help you with that. It even includes a three-story playground, which makes sweeping and recycling fun.

  1. Seven Stars Alpaca Ranch 

Seven Stars Alpaca Ranch is in North Idaho, only minutes from downtown Coeur D’Alene. Do you want to view and pet alpacas? Take the Seven Stars self-guided tour. You’ll get to meet adorable alpacas, llamas, lambs, and other animals. Aside from the alpacas, young children, animal enthusiasts, and the young at heart will enjoy meeting little donkeys, bunnies, and even Scottish Highlander cattle.

  1. Payette Lake 

Payette Lake is a southwestern Idaho natural lake. It measures 20.18 square kilometres and has a 36-kilometer beach length. Want to spend some time on the beach but stay on land? Payette Lake in Idaho is a fantastic alternative for some relaxed family fun. You can swim on the sandy beaches while appreciating the stunning mountain scenery. Payette Lake also offers boating and fishing in addition to swimming. Avid fishermen can stay near the coast or travel to the middle of the lake in a small boat.

  1. Warhawk Air Museum 

War hawk Air Museum is a Nampa aviation museum that displays genuine planes and flying relics. Fans of aviation and military history will enjoy spending time at the Warhawk Air Museum. It boasts an incredible collection of warplanes, including a P-40N Warhawk and an F-84G Thunder jet. Aside from the real planes, you’ll be able to learn more about other eras by viewing aviation relics from the Vietnam War, World War II, and other conflicts.

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