Anchorage, also known as “The Last Frontier,” is a location of unparalleled natural beauty. Photographs cannot do it credit. Anchorage is no different. Anchorage can also be a haven from the cold when you’re ready to shake off the snow and re-join society. This is a travel location that can provide both a survivalist adventure and a fancy evening on the town. Here are a few enjoyable activities in Anchorage, Alaska!

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  1. Anchorage Trolley Tour

If you’re not sure where to begin with, your Anchorage travel plans, consider taking a tram journey. You’ll see several important landmarks as well as stores, hotels, restaurants, and other attractions. You might see a moose crossing the street or a seaplane descending on the lake if you’re fortunate! As you travel, your guide will share tidbits of local history and trivia, as well as vacation suggestions. There are many interesting places to explore in Anchorage, and deciding where to go can be difficult, especially if you are visiting for the first time.

  1. Alaska Zoo

Polar bears scream “Alaska,” but you don’t want to approach these ferocious creatures in the wild. Instead, make a reservation for an animal experience at the Alaska Zoo. It’s one of only a few US zoos with polar bears, and if you sign up for the behind-the-scenes tour, you’ll be able to watch their training and feeding. Swans, snow leopards, arctic foxes, and Amur tigers are among the other creatures at the Alaska Zoo.

  1. Alaska Railroad

The Alaska Railroad is a historic railway that runs for more than 650 miles through forests, mountains, lakes, glaciers, and ice caverns, connecting many of Alaska’s main cities. “The Coastal Classic,” “The Aurora Winter Train,” and “Glacier Discovery” are among the routes available. Travel packages can include dining, luxury seating, and other perks, and can be through a variety of tour firms or the railway. One of the most enjoyable activities to do in Anchorage is to ride the Alaska Railroad.

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  1. Alaska Backcountry Adventure Tours

There are many places of interest in Anchorage that can only be in the backcountry, from jagged snow-capped cliffs to icy, blue-white glaciers. Alaska Backcountry Adventure Tours can help you see them up close. This travel business allows you to design your adventure, offering everything from snowmobile tours to ATV tours. In the winter, you can bound across powdery hills; in the summer, you can let loose, racing across dunes and splashing through streams.

  1. Fur Rendezvous

The Fur Rendezvous, also known as the “Fur Rondy” by locals, is an annual celebration that commemorates the fur trade in Anchorage. Fur is more than a fashion statement in the north! It’s a life-saving material that has been used for centuries by settlers and indigenous tribes, including the Inuits. The Fur Rondy’s held in the last week of February and provides a variety of activities. There are many locations to visit where visitors of all ages can have fun.

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