The covid scare took a toll on many countries with rampant lockdowns and other consequences. This may have hit a lot harder for people in recovery because of the restrictions on peer-to-peer meetings, which many recovering addicts rely on. 

While the years ahead seem to be so much better, there are no taking chances. The restlessness that has become a new norm is something to be scared of. It is important to find activities and ways to channel this energy into more productive things to avoid making mistakes. Below are some fun activities you could engage in as a recovering addict even when in lockdown and still maintain sobriety without succumbing to temptation.

Virtual Arts and Crafts

You can decide to host a virtual art fair and have all your friends and supporters join. This keeps everyone engaged and focused on positivity instead of wallowing in the negative happening worldwide. It is also therapeutic and can help ease any tensions and uneasiness that most addicts in recovery have to deal with frequently.

Start a Book Club

if you have a group of friends that enjoy reading as a pastime, this is the time to start your favorite book club. You can have zoom meetings where you discuss and share your findings

Start Knitting

This is a hobby you can pick to keep yourself busy. It is also easy to stay productive without thinking about the drink you miss so much. 

Explore new technology

You can practice making memes and other fun things online. Since you have so much time, spend it surfing the internet and being creative. You will be surprised how engaging this can be for you and your friends. It is also safe and easy to bond with those you love.

Take a Cooking Class

With so much time to spare, try online cooking classes. You may be surprised at how good you get that you transform the hobby into something useful and money-generating. Cooking is also therapeutic if you fall in love with it.

Practice Kindness

Share baked items with your neighbors. Then, call to find out how people are doing and encourage them to keep their faith. Sometimes doing this can also encourage you to keep fighting and strive to remain sober in the middle of all the confusion.

There are so many things you could do to kill boredom if you are stuck indoors for one reason or another. Consider cleaning and setting up your space. You could also pray and meditate or simply learn a new dance and have fun. The bottom line is to enjoy the moment and distract yourself from reaching for the alcohol.

The secret to staying sober and beating temptation when on a recovery journey is being intention. Choose to do everything you do with a high level of intentionality. Whether big or small, purpose to be good and get results. The small wins make a huge impact as far as self-motivation goes and should not be taken for granted.