The first quarter of 2022 amidst the COVID 19 Pandemic, the heavy machine industry has not been as quite as most expected as heavy machine manufacturers have been working hard on new excavators models behind locked doors and unveiled them in the first quarter of 2022. JCB, Kobelco, Kubota, Takeuchi and Case Construction are among the few heavy machine manufacturers who unveiled their latest excavators in the first quarter of this year with the exception of Case Construction. Case construction announced that they will be releasing their latest excavator early 2023.

Among the excavator models that rode the high ‘buzz wave’ was JCB’s 50Z-1. Weighing an approximate 5000 KGs this midi excavator offers a dig depth of nearly 13 feet and a dump height slightly above 14 feet. The steel bodied zero tail swing excavator is a perfect solution for congested job sites. The machine is powered a 43.3HP engine that is fitted with some unique mechanisms that deliver auto idle, auto stop, eco mode and ‘power mode’ among others. The unit according to a senior product technician from JCB has a ‘twin locking’ hydraulic quick hitch system that allows operators to switch between assorted attachments quickly and easily. The manufacturer also indicated that the new excavator has been improved several times over compared to the 48Z excavator (predecessor), including operator comfort.

Kobelco did not get left behind as the industry leader also unveiled two new excavators the next gen SK455RX-7 and SK55SRX-7 this year. These excavators take on the features of their larger cousins despite their 6 feet 5 inches frame. The compact tail swing feature of these machine allow both machines to perform exclusively well in areas that are confined or have restricted space (urban, residential and congested project sites). These machines run on the latest 37HP diesel engine that are rigged for different modes of operation with the energy conservation mode which reduces fuel consumption by 26% compared to other machines in the same class. Canopied with a counterweight of close to 12,000Lbs (5,000 KG approx.) and sporting an arm almost 6 feet long which can be alternatively be fitted with a 6-foot 4-inch arm. The machine provides a dig depth using the standard arm up to about 19 feet.

Kubota was not left out of the foray and introduced their new machines weighing at only 2,646Lbs, the U10-5 mini excavator made its debut at the World of Concrete 2022 event. Offering power in small packages was the motto and it fitted well for this 1 ton category machine that also offers almost zero tail swing. The machine is also fitted with hydraulic adjustable tracks that are able to shrink the width of the machine from 39 Inches to 30 Inches allowing it to move through narrow spaces whilst maintaining its stability. This feature adds to the overall level of machine’s productivity and coupled with their speed of slightly more than 4 KMH adds to this factor significantly especially towards tasks involving clearing and is a popular choice for any excavator rental company and construction fleet managers.