Columbus, Ohio, is a vibrant and diverse city with a burgeoning food scene. From upscale fine dining establishments to casual eateries, the city offers a wide range of culinary options to suit every taste.

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Whether you’re a local or a visitor, exploring the best restaurants in Columbus is a must. Here are the top 10 restaurants in Columbus that are sure to tantalize your taste buds:

Best Restaurants in Columbus, Ohio

The Refectory Restaurant & Wine Shop: Known for its elegant ambiance and sophisticated French cuisine, The Refectory is a culinary gem in Columbus. The restaurant offers an exquisite menu featuring dishes like pan-seared scallops, rack of lamb, and a variety of decadent desserts. Pair your meal with a selection from their extensive wine list, and enjoy a memorable dining experience.


M at Miranova: Located in the heart of downtown Columbus, M at Miranova is a modern and stylish restaurant that combines contemporary American cuisine with global flavors. Led by renowned chef Cameron Mitchell, M offers a diverse menu with dishes like beef tenderloin, seared sea bass, and inventive vegetarian options. The rooftop patio provides stunning views of the city skyline, making it a perfect spot for a special occasion.

Lindey’s: Nestled in the historic German Village, Lindey’s is a classic Columbus restaurant that has been serving delicious cuisine for over 30 years. The menu features a mix of American and European dishes, including favorites like the Lindey’s chicken and the signature lobster bisque. With its charming atmosphere and outdoor patio, Lindey’s offers a memorable dining experience.

  1. Michael’s Bistro & Bar: Located in the vibrant Short North Arts District, G. Michael’s Bistro & Bar is a local favorite known for its Southern-inspired cuisine and warm hospitality.

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The menu showcases dishes like shrimp and grits, buttermilk fried chicken, and pecan-crusted trout. The cozy and inviting atmosphere, coupled with the exceptional food, makes G. Michael’s a must-visit spot in Columbus.

The Top Steakhouse: For a classic steakhouse experience, head to The Top Steakhouse. This iconic Columbus institution has been serving perfectly cooked steaks and seafood since 1955. With its retro vibe, dim lighting, and impeccable service, The Top offers a nostalgic dining experience. Indulge in their prime rib, filet mignon, or the famous Top Chopped Salad for a meal that won’t disappoint.

Watershed Kitchen & Bar: Located in the historic neighborhood of Grandview Heights, Watershed Kitchen & Bar is a farm-to-table restaurant that focuses on locally sourced ingredients and craft spirits. The menu changes seasonally, reflecting the freshest produce and flavors of the region. From innovative small plates to hearty entrees, Watershed offers a delightful culinary experience.

Service Bar: Housed in a former garage in the Short North Arts District, Service Bar is a trendy restaurant that combines comfort food with a creative twist. The menu features dishes like fried chicken and biscuits, pork belly ramen, and inventive cocktails. With its hip atmosphere and eclectic menu, Service Bar is a popular spot for food and cocktail enthusiasts alike.

The Guild House: Located in the heart of the Short North Arts District, The Guild House is a stylish and contemporary restaurant known for its farm-to-table cuisine. The menu highlights seasonal ingredients and offers a range of options from seafood and meats to vegetarian and vegan dishes. The sleek interior and attentive service add to the overall dining experience.

Alqueria Farmhouse Kitchen: Alqueria Farmhouse Kitchen brings a taste of Latin America to Columbus with its rustic and flavorful dishes. The menu showcases dishes from countries like Mexico, Peru, and Argentina, using locally sourced ingredients. From ceviche and empanadas to grilled meats and seafood, Alqueria offers a vibrant and authentic culinary journey.

Wolf’s Ridge Brewing: Combining a brewery, taproom, and restaurant, Wolf’s Ridge Brewing is a popular destination for beer enthusiasts and food lovers. The menu features elevated comfort food with a creative twist, such as duck confit poutine and hickory-smoked pork belly. Pair your meal with one of their craft beers brewed on-site for a unique dining experience.

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These top 10 restaurants in Columbus, Ohio, offer a diverse range of culinary delights. Whether you’re looking for upscale dining, international flavors, or comforting classics, Columbus has it all. So, grab your appetite and explore the vibrant food scene that this thriving city has to offer.