From established music artists to aspiring artists, every music artist needs to make sure that his music reaches a potential audience and to achieve that you need to make sure you are using every possible option to make that happen. Press releases are one of the underutilized marketing options for the music industry, but it is high time to use them for your marketing aspects. No other marketing option can give similar benefits when the target audience is at risk.

You can opt for distribution services for music press release before you release your upcoming number. Share the dates and the platforms and you will witness a lot of people will make sure they make your release a hit. This is how it is! If you are choosing a PR distribution to make your music announcement, then, you must know the following aspects of music press release distribution.

  • What are the services a music press release distributor offers?
  • When you should issue a music press release to maximize benefits?
  • Which press release service will offer you the best outcome?
  • More methods to distribute your music PR
  1. Basic Idea on Music Press Release

Press releases are the best way to convey your newsworthy story to the world. And music press release distribution will offer the same for your music profile. From targeted journalists to a huge number of media outlets, the basic requirement to make a song popular will be offered by press release distribution services for musicians. This is possibly the best way to nudge your audience about your upcoming release. Though you can also choose to promote your previous releases as well, it will work best for your forthcoming song.

  1. More on Topics

The idea is to make your audience aware of your upcoming releases. So, when you are opting for a press release distribution you are automatically offering them information about your next release. To make a press release compelling to read, you ought to mention these several details. While you choose a topic for your music PR you can consider the below mentions.

  • New Song Release
  • New Album Release
  • Tour Dates Announcements
  • Signing Labels
  • Music Videos Releases
  • Collaborating With Someone
  • Giving a guest appearance

These topics can easily make your press release relevant and widely effective. Whether is a music release PR or a tour announcement PR, more eyes will be offered to your music career.

3. Best Services in the Market

I. PR Newswire

Cision’s PR Newswire has been in this industry for a long time. They are one of the most popular PR services as well. They assure their clients of the target audience. They will charge based on a 400-word press release, and these charges are

  • Local – $350
  • Regional – $575
  • National – $805
  • Global – $1,200 (U.S. and Canada), $3,500 (Europe or Asia), $8,700 (Global)

 They are one of the best in the market, you need to understand that reaching your target audience is essential and they will help you to get noticed by many.

II. Issue Wire

They are known for their empowering aspects, from business domains to art and culture, and they have kept every aspect of promotion under their wings. Being one of the best press release distribution services they offer a great deal of getting your first PR distributed for free. And you can always choose several tiers to reach your audience.

  • First Free PR
  • Tier 1 – $21
  • Tier 1 Pro – $42
  • Tier 2 – $45
  • Tier 2 Pro – $65

They have maximized their reach as they are associated with brands and names like Google News, Bing! News, The Times, Daily Herald,, and 150 more sites. The pricings are reasonable compared to other services and yet they offer a similar outcome.

III. Global Newswire

They offer exponential reach for music artists at quite reasonable prices. They are partnered with various music groups which makes it even easier for music artists to reach more people. Pricing range of Global Newswire;

  • Self-service (DIY) option – $150
  • Full-service option – $560 to U.S. national circuit

With them, you can feature in several of these industry-specific publications. This is a brilliant option for reaching more journalists and media outlets.

IV. Entertainment Wire

Entertainment Wire is a child company of Business Wire, and they take their entertainment and business quite seriously. They will target entertainment reporters and syndicates. Apart from that they will also ensure local media and regional radio stations for your publicity. Their pricing goes something like this:

  • Local – $475
  • Regional – $510
  • National – $940

They offer services specific to U.S. musicians. And music artists based in the U.S. can get some prolific results with their reach and services.

V. EIN Press wire

Everyone’s Internet News or (EIN) Press wire takes your newsworthy story to numerous sectors and including the music and entertainment industry. They are eclectic and will give you enough exposure. They offer three pricing ranges:

  • Basic – $99.95
  • Pro+ – $399
  • Corporate – $999

The most appealing part of their services would be they cater to smaller clients and their reach has proven to be extremely beneficial for music artists.

4. Alternative Ways

This is the fastest possible way to reach a quality audience within the shortest time span. Yet, there are ways that you can opt to share your music release then you might have to write a press release and distribute them on various websites one by one. Some sites might also charge you for your distribution.

  • Make a list of sites
  • Write a press release
  • Keep the PR in proper shape and form
  • Distribute it according to your site list

To develop a good relationship and the interaction intellectual relation with your audience you should turn to press releases. They are the most trusted and useful services that can gain your better exposure and the money you will spend on a PR will get back to your when you earn from your music career. Do your research and choose wisely.